Does Laser Spine Surgery Work?

Spine Surgery Work

A lot of people suffer from chronic back pain. In fact, the problem is so widespread it is virtually an epidemic. There are many forms of treatment from medications and physical therapies to the most serious types of treatments of all – surgeries.

There are more and more MIS surgeries available. Minimally invasive surgeries still require making incisions through the spinal area, but they often require much less recovery time and can be performed on an outpatient basis. If you are in Atlanta looking for a laser spine surgeon please visit

Types of MIS include laparoscopy, which is done using incisions, tubes and even video cameras to take care of problem discs and other spinal issues.  Many clinics now promote and offer laser spine surgery as a quick and effective means of non-invasive surgery.

Lasers have been used for over 40 years in surgical procedures. Laser surgery is most effective when it comes to vision. When it comes to the spine, not many back surgeons are all for this method of treating back pain. The reason is that no health authorities in the US endorse laser spine surgery as being effective.

At least, this form of surgery has yet to be proven effective or not. A lot of  back surgeons will not even recommend laser spine surgery,  but  the proliferation of laser spine clinics in America show that there are plenty of health practitioners that not only recommend it, they do a nice business with it.

Still, there are plenty of back pain patients who have undergone laser spine treatment and find it has given them the relief they have been missing out on for years.  While there are still clinical studies being done to truly prove if it is effective or not, it is up to an individual to decide if they should opt for it or not.

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